Drugs the pier and a girl

This is an actual picture of a pier in my hometown where this story is about to take place… Featuring drugs, Lake Michigan and girl.

I used to be in love with a girl named Kaley. Tonight, like most nights I’m taking a little trip down memory lane and I’m going to share it with you. 

You see, my sister used to be quite the seller in my home town… able to get things that other dealers had a harder time getting in the small town I spent a portion of my life in. Anyway, I went to her place to pick up some weed and she gave me a dot to try. I wasn’t sure it was something I wanted to do, especially considering at the time I was doing coke quite a bit… and I wasn’t sure I wanted to add acid into the mix. I ended up taking it with me anyway. 

After I left, I called my girlfriend Kaley and asked if she wanted to go smoke some weed down on the pier extending into Lake Michigan. Of course she said it yes, we were nothing if not a couple of potheads and the pier was our favorite place to hang out.

It was probably 10 at night by the time we made our way there and, per usual, there was no one out there. You see, you weren’t allowed to be out on the pier past 8 but the cops never came out and checked and if the boat cops were out it was easy enough to get away from them. 

The beautiful thing about that pier was that there were no lights except the little lighthouse at the end to guide the boats into the channel. This allowed for us to just stare up at the stars as we laid at the end passing a joint back and forth while our legs dangled off the edge of the pier. As we laid there talking about nothing she told me that her friend from Chicago had brought her a dot a couple days ago and she was afraid to try it.

What a coincidence.

I told her that I had actually just picked one up from sister that night and if she wanted, I’d trip with her. She agreed… So we took them.

Now, if you’ve ever tried acid you’ll know that the trip can last HOURS. And those hours feel like forever because time gets all fucked up. Anyway, I’ll tell you, it was one of the only good trips I’ve ever had in my life. We sat there and eventually I would have been able to swear to God and my someday child that the fuckin fish were jumping out of the water and just flying there… all colors and sizes. It was absolutely amazing. I was so mesmerized by what was happening I didn’t even talk to her. She was having her own good time and I was having mine. 

That was the first time in my life that I can remember vividly realizing that you can be supremely content in the presence of someone you care about without having to even say a word. I don’t know how long I stared at those damn fish, but I know that the stars overhead eventually disappeared and I woke up on that pier with Kaley laying on my stomach snoring and my head pounding. 

I miss nights like that. Carefree. Im very fortunate that I was able to capture little instances in my life like this.

Kaley and I dated for a year before she left me for a guy named Chris… but she still holds a nice little spot in my heart.

Sometimes memories are a bitch and other times… wonderful to recall.


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