Friends not forgotten or Forgotten Friends

Kaley and I used to sit on the roof of her house.

You could access it through the window in her bedroom and it was a perfect place to hang out. Her mother and father worked 3rd shift and she had this portable CD player that we would bring out with us. She lived in a relatively remote country area and you could see the stars with perfect clarity. We would sit up there for hours listening to The Postal Service or Death Cab For Cutie and just talk about nothing at all. Eventually we would smoke a bowl or roll a joint which would make the experience even more cathartic. We would get stoned out of our fuckin minds and then, where there used to be conversation, we would just sit there in each others company thinking and looking up at the sky.

Some summer or fall nights we would bring sleeping bags and sleep up there… it was beautiful. I thought I would marry this girl someday (we dated for about a year but it didn’t last) and we would spend our entire lives sitting up on that roof talking, smoking and listening to music.

Life has other plans for you sometimes.

I’ve always put a lot of stock in friendships I’ve made over the years. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve made many new friendship… some that will be life long  and others that will be a nice moment I won’t forget easily. Tonight, I find myself thinking back on my old friendships… what impact they might have had on my life and whether I’ve forgotten them to easily in favor of some friendships I have made as I’ve gotten older.

What I know for sure is that this picture reminds me of one of my best memories as a younger man. Kaley and I sitting on her rough smoking weed and looking at the stars (I know they’re laying in the grass in this picture, but work with me here). We talked about nothing, but it was everything to us that we spent that time together… on that roof right outside of her bedroom window.

I miss that and her. 

Life gets much more complicated the older you get… enjoy being carefree if you have that ability. 

I wonder if she ever thinks about those nights… I hope so.


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