Moving day… What a bitch

Today was a fuckin day…

At 33 years old I’ve bought my first home. I thought I would never do this, in fact, I never wanted to.

I always pictured myself living in a nice apartment complex in Chicago (which I did for 3 years) with a girl and a dog…. just one dog. However, life usually has different plans for us and that led me to a 5 bedroom 300,000 dollar home in Nebraska… FML.

I spent every hour of my day from 9:30 until I started writing this at 11:05 moving and it was a bitch… but I’ve managed to get most of the important stuff over here and that makes me feel a little bit better. 

The big problem with this move, though, my friends… is that it ties me to this state. I hate it here. Not that Nebraska is a bad place, but I grew up surrounded by water in Michigan and there certainly. isn’t very much of that around here. There’s also a lack of foliage. In Michigan its as if that state was cut into deciduous forest and nestled into small pockets of different communities. Here (the home of Arbor Day) all of the trees were planted and you can tell. Now this doesn’t mean Nebraska isn’t beautiful in its own way, but its just not my type of beautiful. Anyway, sorry for the not very interesting post… but it wasn’t an interesting or introspective day.

Im gonna sleep and dream of my nice one bedroom apartment in Chicago with a girl and one dog.

Just one dog…


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