Forgetting, Remembering or a little of Both…

There’s very few things in this world that can help us express what we’re feeling like music.

Tonight I was talking to a friend about some music that we like and don’t. She was talking about a song that was intrinsically tied to a good memory that she had… now, my friends, I too like this song a lot, but the artist that sang the song also wrote another song that I believe is better. So I sent her the song. She liked it, but not as much as the other song… and this leads me to the whole point of this writing. There was no emotional investment in the song I showed her, so while it was a good song, there was no way it could be a better song.

Everyday we hear a song that reminds us of things we’d like to forget, remember or, maybe a little bit of both. It amazes me that someone can write something for themselves, like artists do, yet still profoundly impact us as individual’s (even more so than the song might impact the artist themselves).

Tonight, Im going to listen to this playlist full of songs that make me want to forget and remember…. and hopefully, I find one, while I’m laying here in my bed, that makes me feel a little of both.

At night, when we put the day behind us and lay our heads on our pillows, I think this is the time we remember things we want to forget, but I wonder…. Do we really want to forget?

Who knows.


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