Fading Away

Do you ever feel like you’re just fading away?

Like you’re going through your life and everyday in every action you take a little bit of you just kinda goes away. 

We need stimulation as human beings but the nature of society and community is redundancy… How can we possibly be who we want to be when we have so many societal expectations placed on us. 

We’re told that we have to do well in high school so we can get into a good college where we have to do well so we can get our degree… so we can get a good job so we can buy a nice house to start accumulating wealth so we can take care of our wives or husbands and children so we can put them through college so they can do the same thing we did. Then, if you’re lucky, at 65 or 70 you can use some of that money that you’ve worked so hard for and hopefully saved to finally do the things you want to do.

Everyone likes to say, “be yourself, you don’t have to conform to society”. The problem with that is, society has been crafted deliberately and delicatley to prevent you from being successful if you don’t conform. So your choice is either be exactly who you want to be and struggle through your life, or conform and struggle through your life. What a bitch haha. 

Do you know what the average life expectancies for the average American male and female is… 78.54 years old. That means, if you retire at 70 you have 5 “good” years to enjoy yourself.

No fuckin wonder that everyday in every action I make I feel like I’m just kinda fading away.

Hell, I only really get to enjoy 6 % of my life.

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