Mouth cemetery

Mouth cemetery is an old abandoned cemetery in Montague Michigan.

I took this picture back in 2016 when I visited my father. In order to get to this cemetery, you had to trespass on this mean old dudes property… this was like my third attempt before I was able to successfully sneak around his house and back the 100 yards through trees to take this picture. Shortly after I got the picture, he came running out yelling he was gonna call the cops, but he was 70 something so I just walked away through the trees… poor old dude haha.

I used go to mouth cemetery as a high school guy and smoke a ton of weed with friends and girlfriends… it was always such an interesting place. Almost all of the headstones no longer had names or dates because of the weathering so all you could do is speculate as to who these people were and why these they were buried here… or why the cemetery had been abandoned in the first place.

 I never did get answers to these questions… I doubt anybody knows anymore.

I wish I was able to go back there and see what’s remaining. Every time I’ve ever visited its always more dilapidated than it was the previous time and I wonder if there is really anything remaining.

One thing is certain though, I’d give just about anything to sneak past that old dude again (if he’s still there) to smoke some weed and hang out in that old cemetery again.

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