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Mouth cemetery

Mouth cemetery is an old abandoned cemetery in Montague Michigan. I took this picture back in 2016 when I visited my father. In order to get to this cemetery, you had to trespass on this mean old dudes property… this was like my third attempt before I was able to

Fading Away

Do you ever feel like you’re just fading away? Like you’re going through your life and everyday in every action you take a little bit of you just kinda goes away.  We need stimulation as human beings but the nature of society and community is redundancy… How can we possibly be

Forgetting, Remembering or a little of Both…

There’s very few things in this world that can help us express what we’re feeling like music. Tonight I was talking to a friend about some music that we like and don’t. She was talking about a song that was intrinsically tied to a good memory that she had… now,

Moving day… What a bitch

Today was a fuckin day… At 33 years old I’ve bought my first home. I thought I would never do this, in fact, I never wanted to. I always pictured myself living in a nice apartment complex in Chicago (which I did for 3 years) with a girl and a

Friends not forgotten or Forgotten Friends

Kaley and I used to sit on the roof of her house. You could access it through the window in her bedroom and it was a perfect place to hang out. Her mother and father worked 3rd shift and she had this portable CD player that we would bring out

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